Electroplating was developed in the early 19th Century and is a way of depositing one metal on to another to give the wear, look, corrosion resistance or aesthetic characteristics of the top surface metal. As examples, gold plated silver or base metal jewellery looks and feels like solid gold jewellery, whilst chrome plating of sanitaryware makes it both pleasing to the eye and corrosion resistant.

Metal particles known as ions are created at the anode, the positive terminal within an electrical circuit and travel under electrical impulse across the plating solution and are deposited at the cathode or negative terminal.

As an electrical process, it is highly controllable in both terms of time and electrical current determining the thickness of the metal deposit.

BJS offers computer precision electroplating of both Yellow and Rose Hard Golds, Bright Silver, Rhodium, Bright Copper and Bright Nickel Plating.

BJS is the largest Hard Gold Platers in the World offering Hard Gold Plating directly on to Stainless Steel pieces of up to 10 cubic metres in size.