Electroplating – Rhodium


Rhodium is a very hard, bright silver coloured metal that is part of the Platinum Group of metals.

Widely used on high voltage switch gear, silverware, silver models, medals, white gold jewellery and high quality furniture fittings to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. It is also scratch resistant due to its hardness.

BJS’s uniquely offers “Rhodoplate”, the only strippable Rhodium plating. If a Rhodoplated item is damaged in any way and needs repairing, the Rhodium can be easily stripped without affecting the substrate metal. The repair is carried out and the Rhodoplate is re-applied to once again prevent corrosion.

Rhodium is plated from an acid solution which has poor throwing power and so cannot be generally used on pieces that have deep cavities without some careful thought being given to masking, jigging, pumping and shielding.

And as it is an expensive process, areas that do not require coating are often masked out with special masking tapes and paints.