Electroplating – Gold

Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

Gold has been electrodeposited from simple solutions for nearly 150 years for decorative purposes and was considered as being a “black art”.

With the advent of the aerospace industry, a requirement was created for thicker and harder gold deposits. A new generation of gold plating solutions was developed and the resulting deposits became known as “Hard Gold Plating” (HGP).

Hard Gold Plating is now extensively used within both the aerospace and electronics industry where low-pressure clean contacts are essential.

The ability to deposit thick coatings has been extended to functional and decorative items. Examples include sculpture, interior design components for luxury homes, palaces, cars, yachts and privately owned aircraft.

Industrial applications for pure (24ct) gold electroforming include sputtering targets, accurately dimensioned inert tubes, prostheses, electron microscope gratings and various components for both the electronics and aerospace industries.

Of the many decorative gold electroformed items produced to date the most famous is the coronet produced by BJS for the investiture of HRH The Prince of Wales.