Development and Rapid Prototyping

Development and Rapid Prototyping

Through years of working with artists, prop makers, designers and engineers, BJS has developed a method of assisting with new product design.

Initial discussions will always seek to establish scale, purpose, functionality and finish of the new piece.

Electroforming when combined with rapid prototyping is used by a number of industries. Prop and model makers will CAD design and work with BJS in order to produce 3D printed components, which, when encapsulated in metal, can be finished so that on the big screen they look exactly as they would in reality, but without mass production tooling costs or having to buy expensive antiques for period costume dramas.

Model makers often use the process to show what a mass produced component will look like, whilst allowing their client the flexibility to make changes without having to modify mould tools.

Artists use the process to make maquettes so they can visualise how a full size sculpture will look from different angles in a gallery.

BJS is of course, always happy to work with you at any point to ensure your product looks, feels and works well on a screen, in front of your client or in an art gallery.