Laser Scanning and 3D Printing

Laser Scanning and 3D Printing

Working with partners we can provide a full start to finish replication service. Using the latest 3D laser scanning instruments, millions of measurements are collected in three dimensions called point clouds. The result is an organised 3D digital representation of a subject which is delivered quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Real-time access to this data can provide critical measurements instantly, or once post-processing techniques are applied, can provide the measurement platform to extract 2D drawings and 3D models.

The 3D CAD file can be used to create 3D printed objects by curing a photopolymer liquid with a laser to make parts.

A popular 3D printing process is Stereolithography (SLA) which offers an alternative way to make prototypes and low volumn manufacture. The key benefits are that it’s quicker than traditional methods of manufacture and so shortens the design cycle and generally costs.

Please see both laser scanning and 3D printing of the Rugby World Cup here.