Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Corporate & Social Responsibility

At BJS we’re committed to helping our workforce transform the way we do business by maximising productivity and resources.

As part of this, we have a focus on corporate social responsibility, and are dedicated to running our business so that we aspire to reduce our carbon emissions as well as being actively involved in conducting sustainable business practises.

Investing in our workforce

We know that recruiting the right person for the job is key to a successful business. That is why BJS uses the online paperless Universal Job Match to recruit people from across the UK and the European Union, making our HR processes more efficient and carbon friendly.

Improving performance

Performance is very important to BJS and we plan to consult with our workforce as we move from ISO9001:2008 toISO9001:2015, in order to improve performance levels, including how flexible and new practises are used within BJS.

BJS uses conferencing and Skype video calling to maximise efficiency and enhance performance to become more sustainable helping our worldwide clients, partners and workforce to share in the benefits of the internet.