Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Corporate & Social Responsibility

At BJS we’re committed to helping our workforce transform the way we do business by maximising productivity and resources.
As part of this, we have a focus on corporate social responsibility, and are dedicated to running our business so that we aspire to reduce our carbon emissions, as well as, being actively involved in conducting sustainable business practises.

Investing in our workforce

We know that recruiting the right person for the job is key to a successful business. That is why BJS uses the online paperless Universal Job Match and Indeed to recruit people from across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe, making our HR processes more efficient and carbon friendly.

Improving performance

Performance is very important to BJS and we maintain a BSi audited ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System in order to improve performance levels, including how flexible and new practises are used within BJS.

BJS uses conferencing (Teams and Zoom) video calling to maximise efficiency and enhance performance to become more sustainable, helping our worldwide clients, partners and workforce to share in the benefits of the internet and so reduce unnecessary travel.

BJS’ Corporate & Social Responsibility Initiative

BJS is proud to have re-invested all of its profits for the last 11 years into establishing its’ sister company, Fast MDx as a Social Enterprise. Fast MDx has recently applied for B Corporation status.

Through BJS involvement with the biotech industry, BJS saw the need for, established and has financially supported Fast MDx in the development of a near-patient, ultra-fast, low cost, complete molecular diagnostic testing system, that has a much smaller carbon footprint than the centralised test laboratory model used in highly economically developed economies.

The system provides high-throughput, sample-to-result in under 2 hours. Working with the Commonwealth of Nations, Fast MDx aims to offer low-cost molecular diagnostics in medium and least economically developed countries and so widen molecular diagnostic test availability with the ensuing massive healthcare benefits for all.

Fast MDx will launch in January 2023 with its first test for respiratory infection testing for flu, RSV and/or Covid-19. Subsequent test will be for Rhesus D genotyping and for early cancer detection from blood.

Richard Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
1st August 2022